CAMP INFO (in english)

As we are still orgnazing the Camp these are only the first and most important Infos for the Camp. Please be patient with further translations.

Day of Action on Saturday 30th of July

During the Camp a Day of Action will take place on Saturday the 30th of July. We invite everyone to take part in the Day of Action organized by the „War Starts Here“ Camp some 80 kilometers away at the Gefechtsübungszentrum GÜZ (A privatized Combat Trainings Centre used by the NATO to prepare soldiers for Combat mainly in the middle east).
We are going to organize the Shuttles collectively. There will be a workshop about the Day of Action on tuesday.

Furthermore there is the option to join the CSD (Christopher Street Day) in Wendland, which takes places just a few kilometers away.

Kids Space

There will be a DIY child-care with a lot of program and spaces (including a circus tent) for children and youngsters. there will be puppet theatre, a clowns workshops and a lot more.

Camping & Sleeping

There will be several meadows to set up you tents. Moreover there will be a Place where you can park your cars, busses, waggons and caravans.

In addition we have a big guest house with 40 beds, which will be distributed as needed.

Furthermore we will try to arrange several barrios, because we thought it would be nice to have a FLTIQ*-Barrio, a Family Space, a quiet place and a drugfree-zone – but we have to see how much place we have and what is needed.

For everyone who is not able to come with his*her own tent there will be community tents, and we will try to set up a place were you can sleep in your hammock.

We also try to make the camp as barrier-free as possible.

Food, Drinks & Infrastructure

Le Sabot will be cooking for & with us. they serve & prepare delicious regional, organic and vegan food. there will always be tea and several places where you can get tab water.

In Addition there will be a Coffee-Bar serving solidary-trade Coffee & Espresso from rebelious movements in Chiapas (Mexico) and in the Cauca (Colombia).

As the Camp takes place in the hinterland it sometimes might be difficult to get a mobile signal, but there will be freifunk (open wifi) and the posibility to charge your devices.

Evening Program

As always we will have a versatile and exciting program for the evenings. There will be Concerts, Documentaries, Partys, Theatre and Cabaret.

In addition we will install several cozy places to sit, relax, chat and enjoy the evening.

We will also have a Bar.

Camp Structure and Processes

We are working out a proposal for the structures of the camp which will be released soon. In general there will be 4-5 days with 2 workshop-phases (morning + afternoon), in the morning there will be a plenum.
In the afternoon there will be a time where everyone is free to offer different methods of exchanging and reflecting the matters & discussions of the workshops that took place.

In the afternoon we also want to offer a space for ongoing workshops, meaning you can offer or participate in a workshop with a constant group working on a certain subject for 4-5 days.

on tuesday we want to have enough time to reflect the camp, maybe we will do it the whole day, maybe just in the afternoon.

Support Group & Safe Space

A group of people elaborated a concept for a support group. if someone crosses your boundaries or you feel the need to retire or you need support there will be a safe space. the support group works on-demand, if you need help go to the info-point, they have walkie-talkie’s to contact people participating in the support group.


We will offer different types of translations in all kinds of situations (in workshops, during the plenum and in informal situations).

Free & Exchange Tent

With our Free & Exchange Tent we want to offer a non-commercial space to share and exchange all kinds of stuff. This will be a space for your zines & info brochures and other material.

Your Suggestions

We’re happy about all kinds of Ideas, Suggestions, Inquiries and Proposals. You can write a comment or contact us via mail.