Processes, Structures and Workshops


One of the initial ideas of the Rebellious Encounter was that of creating a congress, which consist of breaks more than talks, since its in the breaks that the most interesting encounters and conversations come up.

This year, its again it is our intention to provide for enough flexibility, freedom and free time. However, we would like to move from a diverse way of being side by side in numerous workshops to a more concrete and intensive form of togetherness.

Exchange, Inspiration, Connecting With One Another, Strategic Action & Organisation

As always the workshops focus on a mutual exchange of ideas, experiences and methods, on inspiring and learning from one another. However, this year it is our intention to develop common strategic forms of action and to think about how what strong, collective and sustainable organisation can look like.

There are different ideas on how to reach all of these objectives. Therefore, the structure we propose for going about this is merely an optional point of orientation.

Bringing Contents & Discussions together in Workshops


Workshops are starting at 11 am and 3pm respectively. You can decide for yourself or together how long your workshops should last. So, even if there is lunch at 1pm or dinner at 6pm you do not necessarily have to be done with your workshop at that time.

There are various possibilities for using the workshop phases. For instance, workshops can be started in the morning and in the afternoon they can be continued in working groups. Consider forming these working groups with people, who went to different workshops in the mornings.

Some groups have already announced that they are interested in continuous afternoon workshops. These workshops will involve (rather) fixed groups of people, who want to continue working together on their projects each afternoon but get inspiration from workshops taking place in the morning.

From 5pm onwards we would like to open a phase of exchange, where people are invited to come together in groups consisting of people who went to different workshops in the mornings. Here we invite you to try out different methods for reflecting on the day as well as exchanging and documenting important insights.

Showing up the links: Workshop Gallery, Discussions & Contents

On top of that we will provide for a space where the workshops‘ conclusions and intermediate results can be visualized. The intention here is to have a central space for encountering people and finding information.

The Gallery is intended as a space where we can visualize our strengths and interconnections. In the gallery you will find a large coordinate system, in which (intermediate) results from the workshops can be documented and related with one another. Three main sections will be dedicated to the questions of “What happened?”/”What was?”, referring to our history/ our past, “What is happening?”, referring to our present and “What will happen/What will be?”, inviting you to share what will happen with you and your topics after the camp? How are you going to continue? What are your focal points? Why are we connecting with one another? What could be our next steps towards acting strategically? What resulted from our workshops and discussions, are you thinking of planning concrete actions, meetings or campaigns? Are there already any fixed dates for meeting up again in the future? Or are you even considering organizing a brigade, a tour of delegates or a caravan?

Big plenum & Welcoming

From 10am onwards we invite you to participate in a big plenum/assembly. This plenum is open for everybody. We would hope to find different people signing up for the moderation. At the beginning of the camp there will be a workshop on moderation of large assemblies. Additionally, there will be a small welcoming plenum for newly arrived people and groups at 9:30am in the first days of the camp.

Breaks & Food

There will be a break of 2 hours and lunch at 1pm every day. Dinner starts at 6pm. The Evening program starts at 8pm.


Welcoming and Introduction of Participants on Wednesday 27.7.

Apart from the welcoming rounds, we invite all participating people, groups, movements and collectives to briefly introduce themselves on the first night of the camp.

Recounting Resistance – Our stories & our history

On Friday the 29th of July there will be a night of story-telling. We would like to talk with one another about the struggles we relate to, the traditions our resistances are rooted in and the movements and events, which have had a crucial impact on our struggles. Here we are inviting participants to come together in large groups. Those who wish to contribute their stories are invited to share them with the others in around 10min.

Common Reflection on the Camp

On Tuesday the 2nd of August we would like to take at least half a day to reflect on the collective processes and discussions, which have been a part of the camp.